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General Discussion / Re: Strange things that happen to me
« Last post by Orange on April 16, 2020, 06:03:22 PM »
I'm going to skip rehearsal and go straight to gigs without actually attending.   
General Discussion / Re: Strange things that happen to me
« Last post by Boy_Narf on April 15, 2020, 09:22:35 AM »
That is amazing! You should try a rehearsal and see how it goes!
General Discussion / Re: Strange things that happen to me
« Last post by Sooner on April 13, 2020, 11:25:41 AM »
How do you get added to a band without knowing it?
General Discussion / Strange things that happen to me
« Last post by Orange on April 12, 2020, 11:05:52 AM »
So, it seems that I've been added to a grunge band without my knowledge or consent.    I'm hoping this person simply has me confused with someone else - otherwise I'll have to confront the situation and say no.   
General Discussion / Re: Just saying Hi
« Last post by restlessnative on April 11, 2020, 05:06:37 AM »
Hi Jason, I thought I had problems with remoteness at Dunnet, but you are remote! Also, P90s are awesome!
General Discussion / Just Pulling Things Together
« Last post by restlessnative on April 11, 2020, 02:08:07 AM »
Hi folks, sorry but this post will be a biggie.  I have the CR120H & PPC212OB cab, mostly thanks to Dave Simpson on YouTube and his amazing “How Many Tones...” series of videos.  I have three questions for y’all if you don’t mind?

1.  This amp is amazing, it can do so many things and defies the Orange stereotypical loud RAWK image (personally I’ve never held that, just never knew where they fit in the pantheon - maybe somewhere between the best of Fender and Marshall combined with their own twist in the mix?); however, Orange’s own blurb said the PPC212OB is known for its “chime”. This is my aim/goal - to have a loud, clean and/or edge-of-breakup Voxy chime. Has anyone else managed it and how, with this setup?  I assume the Tremlord would do it better, but I don’t have one yet.

2.  What settings do you guys use for specific tones/sounds?

3.  As this is the first head/cab I’ve had I’m not sure I set it up correctly: I believe the CAB IS 16ohms, but doesn’t say so on it. The two jacks on the back for connecting to the head only have the word “mono” between them and the serial number above. However, even more confusingly, on the back of the head the two jacks for connecting to the cab aren’t individually labelled a stereo/mono but have “1x8ohms or 1x16ohms or 2x8ohms” below them. I assume the left jack is for “1x8ohms or 1x16ohms mono” and both jacks together are for “2x8ohms stereo”, with the left jack on the cab being mono and both for stereo? Also does mono mean one cable between the two left hand jack sockets has both speakers “on” as they are wired in series or is one speaker on only? Should the CR120H and PPC212OB have x2 cables between head and cab, or x1 between the left jacks as I have atm? I ask that as I don’t think the CR120H his as loud as people say, as the BB15 competes at 15W, and the L6 Spider Jam does too at 75W - confusing, although CR120H sounds best by far.

(always have used combos - I now only have a Fender Bassbreaker 15 combo, Tanglewood T6 Acoustic Cube combo, and awaiting a Positive Grid Spark delivery hopefully this month; oh, and a Line6 Spider Jam I got free with a secondhand guitar I bought for sale)
General Discussion / Re: N(old)AD!
« Last post by Sooner on April 02, 2020, 11:57:30 PM »
I wonder if there would be overheating issues with this model then? Interesting.

No problem. My AD15 doesn't have vents and doesn't overheat.
General Discussion / Re: N(old)AD!
« Last post by Boy_Narf on April 01, 2020, 09:17:30 AM »
Vents eh?

Now that you mention it my R30C has vents! AHHHH.

Not sure these ever had vents, but there was another version with the handle on the top. I wonder if there would be overheating issues with this model then? Interesting.
General Discussion / Re: N(old)AD!
« Last post by Orange on April 01, 2020, 12:39:30 AM »
Congratulations!   I noticed there aren't any vents - which I like.  Although the vents serve a secondary purpose of holding picks (very convenient) I'd be concerned that something could get spilled into those vents. 
General Discussion / N(old)AD!
« Last post by Boy_Narf on March 29, 2020, 03:46:57 PM »
Hello Everyone,

So I've been hunting for a cab for my TT for the past year or so. I tried a few 112 at the store a few months back but left unsatisfied. 112 cabs never come up for sale locally and shipping them in is just too much. I decided a while back to delete all of my Kijij and Reverb notifications as I just don't need to be ripping through gear and wasting money like I used to.


SOOOOOO! I was very bored recently and decided to hit the old Kijiji. I stumbled upon an ad for a TT Combo for a very reasonable price. It was a little more beat up than I prefer but I will be using this one live so it's going to get banged around anyway. We did the responsible thing had him send me a video play through the day before. We stood 20 or so feet apart waiting for the etransfer to go through then he stepped away while I went up and grabbed the amp. Hand sanitize after the transaction of course then straight home for a soapy bath :) Turns out we are out of magic erasers so the black scuffs will remain for the time being, but a few dabs of superglue sorted out the big rip on the bottom. I plugged it in and oh man what a tone! It has the first run of G12H speakers and boy do they sound big coming out of that tiny cab. The serial number ends with 0810 so it's either Aug 2010, or Oct 2008. Regardless it sounds dang nice! The biggest issue (since I didn't try it out) was that the knobs were all stripped. Thankfully the pots are fine so a little piece of painters tape on each post sorted that.

About 8 years ago I went to try out a TT combo. The kid said it was immaculate but upon arriving it had a bunch of rips in the tolex. I still gave it a jam and was amazed by the tone but decided to walk away from the deal (dumb of me at the time as I think he was asking $400CAD but I was pretty broke back then and was obsessed with all of my gear looking pristine).

There is something "magic" IMO anyway, with Orange combos that just doesn't exist in the head/cab versions. Both my R30C, and TTC both have a sweetness that their cab-less counter parts don't posses. Some folks say it's the vibrations from the speaker hitting the tubes, others say it's the close proximity to the magnetic field that does something. Regardless I'm quite pleased :)

No more cab hunting for me!

P.S. The ampramp under is amazing. What a simple but effective idea (that they may or may not have burrowed from Markbass heh) Costs about $20 CAD and folds up flat. Much cleaner than sticking a pedal box or backpack under the amp that's for sure!

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