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Title: Official Forum Rules
Post by: Orange on June 24, 2018, 09:15:55 PM
Welcome to the Unofficial Orange Amp Forum!

Before getting started, please take a moment to look over the forum rules and, above all else, remember that we are all here to express ourselves in a tasteful manner, ask questions, and learn from the experience of others. The main purpose of this forum is to talk about, Orange amplifiers, musical equipment, musical instruments, and related.    This site is here as a public service for all to enjoy - owned and operated by an enthusiast.  :-)


After you complete the registration process you will receive an automated email requesting a short response on why you'd like to join the this forum.

Include what you like about Orange amplifiers, related musical equipment and/or instruments.  Include why you want to join.  And, be sure to include your chosen user name and email used for registration (if you're not using that email to respond).   Sending an articulate, but not necessary long email, helps with the registration process (you'll get approved faster).  If you do not send out this email then your registration request will be delayed significantly and possibly deleted.   

General Rules


At this time photos can be uploaded to this forum - HOWEVER once the space has run out this feature may go away (costs money to host scads of photos).